An application to create meteorological charts for places worldwide

The ClimateChart application shows you the climate, i.e. the temperature and the precipitation, of all places on Earth. When you click on the world map above, a climate chart and a diagram showing the variation of temperature and precipitation of this location on Earth are plotted. On the right side you can change the source of the climate data and change the time frame of the data.



Title of the Diagram


Please note that the temperature and precipitation values shown in the diagram are based on interpolated data and therefore might differ significantly from real conditions.

For the title and elevation value "Geonames" gazetteer is used:, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

Elevation is based on SRTM data and only available between 60° northern and 58° southern latitude. The climate class is calculated from the temperature and precipitation data according to the Köppen-Geiger climate classification scheme.


Frontend libraries:

  • Data Driven Documents (D3)
  • Leaflet
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery + JQuery-UI

Servers and web services:

  • THREDDS Data Server
  • GeoNames Webservices

Optimized for Firefox and Chrome. This website uses the Piwik Analytics Platform to obtain user data.

The Walter-Lieth Chart

The charts on this site are drawn following the Walter-Lieth standard. The most characteristic feature of this type of climate diagram is that the ratio between temperature and precipitation scale is constantly 1:2, which makes it easier to compare local climates. If there are precipitation values above 100mm per month, the scale above is aligned, ensuring that the chart doesn't become to missshaped. Additionally, it graphically emphasizes in a simplified form if the local conditions are humid, perhumid, arid or seasonally changing.

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